Next Show: Sunday, January 14th 2018
Please note: Rules have changed for the 2017-2018 Season. Please refer to the AVDR Rule Book for the current rules and qualifications for year end prizes. We are running 7 events / show this year. For a show to count toward the minimum number of 8 shows required for year end awards, a rider must compete in at least 5 of these events per show.

New Season Begins September 10th

ANTELOPE VALLEY DESERT RIDERS 2017/2018 GYMKHANA SEASON - Antelope Valley Desert Riders will begin its show season on September 10, 2017, with monthly gymkhanas on the second Sunday of the month until June. Riders of all abilities and ages can compete with riders of similar skills/speed. We will have a lead line class for the very young and a class for adults just beginning in gymkhana or for those who don’t want to go fast. We have classes for those just trotting/loping up to high speed experienced horses and riders. This is a great way to improve your horsemanship and have fun in a stress free family environment. AVDR gymkhanas are sanctioned by the California Gymkhana Association (CGA) as District 21. Membership is required in both organizations and prizes are awarded at the end of the season. Members can also sign up for year end awards with CGA so you can get year end points from both AVDR and CGA with each run. Follow us on our Facebook page.